Immuno Bee

Strengthens the immune system of honey bees, replenishes mineral and trace elements. The natural antibacterial, antiviral and fungicide effects helps the colonies in the battle against pathogens and stress factors. Mineral feed, administered in sugar syrup, particularly in spring. For weak colonies, continuous feeding of Immuno-BEE is proposed.


Analytical Constituents Moisture:Min.83,0 % Magnesium  (Mg):Min.0,02 %
Humic acids:Min.9,0 % Phosphorus  (P):Min.10mg/liter
Potassium (K):Min.1,0 % Iron (Fe):Min.500 mg/liter
Sodium (Na):Min.0,15 % Manganese  (Mn):Min.12 mg/liter
Calcium (Ca):Min.0,15 % Zinc (Zn):Min.8 mg/liter
Target species: honey bee    



Mix 10-30 ml of Immuno bee to 10 liters of drinking water or sugar syrup


1 liter plastic bottle